“We creates synergies

based on our

management expertise and

service delivery experience”

Building and Commercial Cleaning Services

Not just cleaning, this is a systematic task. That is the main reason why since 2009 we have been chosen by our customers and made us as one of the largest Facilities Services companies in Indonesia. The expertise and dedication of our employees will bring you the peace of mind. They will make sure that your property will professionally maintained with extra care. Every tasks taken will be executed and documented properly.

Hospital Cleaning Services

Hospital Cleaning Services involves cleaning and maintaining a medical institution or facility. Because they are governed by strict regulations and codes requiring sanitary conditions, hospitals rely upon housekeepers diligently performing their assigned duties. With over 15 Hospitals that we taken care of today, it is provingthat our Service is beyond Cleaning!

Office Support Services

Providing Receptionist, Office Boy, Messenger Service, Doorman with ample Attitude, Skill and Knowledge is one of our expertise. Weare not just providing people, but we equip our emplyees with training and career path. People working with us have passionate and enthusiastic personality bended with our commitment to deliver.

Handyman Services

SJS is your ideal partner. Whatever your needs, we’ll provide expertise in your type of property. Through quality, reliable facility services and building maintenance services, we maintains and drives the performance, lifespan and ultimately the value of your physical assets.

Ground Maintenance

We know how much it means to you to have your property looking its best. You can be confident that your project will be done as you wish, with careful attention to quality and detail.

Pest Management

Indonesia’s tropical climate has led to the growth of both pests and rodents in the garden, house or high rise buildings.Control of pests and rodents combined with trained personnel and environmentally friendly materials to be one of our expertise in meeting the needs of the above.

Washroom Services

For us, It is not just fragrance, but more importantly, it is about our effort to make your properties more convinient and healthy by using certified product.Our Integration services has made our service offers completely different from others.