“Fostering professional personnel with a training curriculum based on practical knowhow”

There are a lot of projects that AEON delight develops which require specialized knowledge and skills. Therefore, AEON delight has arranged a practical knowhow based training curriculum and has focused on developing professional human resource with not only reliable knowledge and skills but also hospitality spirit and management skills.

Abundant Experts and Network

Number of sites and qualified staff that can cover all over Indonesia

The number of regional offices and establishments where staff reside amounts to more than 600 in Japan nationwide. The cumulative total number of 20,000 highly qualified staff in the industry are enrolled and are located at each site. Moreover, we aim to provide nationwide standardized service through networking with approximately 10,000 cooperating corporations across the nation. The control center that centrally manages emergency information operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that we are equipped with a system that can respond instantaneously even in case of emergencies such as incidents and disasters.