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“Managing the entire facility to create a safe, secure and comfortable space”

With an aim to create a safe, secure and comfortable space, AEON delight carries out inspections and maintenance most suitable for each facility based on our unique facilities management knowhow. In addition to conventional preventive maintenance methods, we apply advanced technology in conducting preventive maintenance to grasp equipment failure in advance, which ensures the entire facility is maintained in its best condition at all times.

Permanent Facilities Management

  • Inspection and operation monitoring of various equipment
  • Emergency response in case of fire, equipment failure
  • Minor repair of building and equipment

Management of Periodic Equipment Maintenance and Inspection

  • Electrical equipment inspection management
  • Air conditioning equipment inspection management
  • Plumbing/sanitary equipment inspection management
  • Elevator equipment inspection management
  • Mechanical parking facility inspection management
  • Inspection management of other equipment and facilities
  • Building skeleton facility inspection management

Various Operations Required by Law

  • Fire protection equipment inspection
  • Periodic inspection of disaster prevention equipment
  • Emergency generator load test
  • Detailed inspection of power receiving/transforming facility

Assignment of Legally Qualified Personnel

  • Assignment of building environment and sanitation management manager, Assignment of licensed electrical engineer, Assignment of other qualified personnel

Environmental Solutions

  • Office energy saving solution (office lighting control, air conditioning load reduction, etc.) management
  • Fluorocarbon management solutions
  • Ad-TEMS (AEON delight Total Energy Management Service)
  • Ad-BEMS (AEON delight Building Energy Management System)

Solution example

Reduced energy consumption at a large commercial facility by implementing next-generation facilities management

By networking air conditioning equipment, heat source equipment, and temperature/humidity sensors on an open system, AEON delight developed a next-generation facilities management model that centrally controls all information. An 8% reduction in energy consumption was achieved through automatic control of air conditioning equipment using data collected from equipment and sensors.